Musandam Dhow Cruise Overnight Trip

Khasab Musandam Dhow cruise overnight experience is just mesmerizing. Watching sunset and sunrise, spending a night under the moonlight in azure water of Musandam fjords surrounded by mighty mountains, is breathtaking. You will never forget this Musandam overnight Dhow cruise experience in your life and will love to do it again and again.

“Explore The Norway Of Arabia”

Musandam Dhow cruise overnight is the fantastic trip to explore the Norway of Arabia (Musandam Fjords) and the exclusive ascent of Jebel Shams with the beautiful scenery of the bay. Visit historical Telegraph and Seebi Island and will have a view of small fisherman villages inside the Musandam fjords like Nadifi, Qannah, Maqlab, Seeb, and Shem. You will have best and relaxed time on traditional Omani dhow to appreciate the natural beauty of Musandam Peninsula.

 Musandam Dhow Cruise Overnight Trip Inclusions:

  • Full Day Dhow Cruise Tour to Explore Musandam Fjords
  • Snorkeling and Swimming in the clear water of Musandam
  • Visit the Telegraph and Seebi Islands for Swimming
  • Dolphin Watching in turquoise water of Musandam Sea
  • Exploring small fishing villages inside Musandam Fjords
  • Tradition Omani Lunch on Dhow cruise with Cold drinks
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, plain water, and juices
  • Fresh fruits on Dhow (Apple, Banana, and Orange)

 Musandam Dhow Cruise Overnight Trip Itinerary

  • 09:30 AM – Meeting with Representative at given meeting point.
  • 10:00 AM – Departure from the ort for full day Musandam dhow cruise
  • 11:00 AM – Dolphin watching at the entrance of Musandam fjords
  • 12:00 PM – First stop for snorkeling swimming at Telegraph
  • 01:00 PM – Traditional Omani lunch serving on Dhow
  • 02:00 PM – Second stop for snorkeling and swimming at Seebi
  • 05:00 PM – Anchoring near Telegraph Island for overnight stay
  • 07:30 PM – Dinner serving on boat (BBQ arrangements on boat)
  • 07:30 AM – Breakfast serving (coffee, tea, juices, eggs, etc.)
  • 08:30 AM – Arrival at Khasab Harbor and signing off

 Musandam Khasab Overnight Dhow Cruise Facilities:

Depending on the number of persons in your group for Musandam overnight dhow cruise, you would be assigned a boat. It may be a double deck or single deck, but it totally depends on the selected tour operator. Almost, all the boats have the nice carpeted deck with plenty of cushions to relax and enjoy.

There will be basic toilet and shower facility on board with enough water. You will have snorkeling gear, life jackets, towels, and music option. Mattresses, blankets, pillows, bed sheets are provided for a comfortable night sleeping during Musandam overnight dhow cruise. If you decide to go in summer, you can ask for an onboard air cooler to keep you chilled.

On-Board Refreshments and Food:

You will be welcomed by the boat crew with plain water, coffee, tea, and fruits. As soon as you leave the boat, you will be served refreshments. There will be more than enough refreshments for all the day in the form of coffee, tea, fruits and plain water. You can get it anytime during your stay.

Delicious Lunch On Boat

Around 1:30 pm, after the snorkeling and swimming, you will be served traditional Omani lunch on the boat. It would include fried rice, Arabian bread, hummus, fried chicken or fried fish, fresh salad and plenty of soft drinks.

On-Board BBQ Dinner:

Get ready for a delicious onboard BBQ dinner around 8:00 pm. You may have live BBQ on the boat if it is not windy. If it’s windy, you will be provided pre-made dinner. It may include fried rice, Arabian bread, hummus, tikka, kabab, fried fish, fried chicken and enough soft drinks.

Early Morning Breakfast:

Good Morning!

Are you ready for an onboard breakfast? You are going to be served boiled eggs, bread, yogurt, jam, coffee, tea and plain water. If you need anything special in food, let your tour operator know before your arrival and they will arrange.

Dolphin Watching Along The Way

Dolphin watching along the way is the most entertaining part of a full day dhow cruise to Musandam fjords. Sometimes you will find them simply swimming and playing with each another but, when they are in a good mode they will swim along the dhow cruise and race it. These are the worth seeing and recording moments, so get ready to capture them when they come along your dhow cruise.

Snorkeling Swimming

Snorkeling swimming in the clear water of Musandam is a great fun. Snorkeling equipment, life- jackets, towels and one-line fishing equipment are provided onboard. While snorkeling swimming you will be able to explore the underwater life. You must bring your swimming costumes, as the tour operators don’t provide. If you have your own snorkeling gear, it is better to bring.

Telegraph Island is the best place for snorkeling and swimming. Its clear water and underwater life will make your day. You will be able to see the corals, colorful fishes and much more. Small fishes may be around you so don’t get afraid they are very friendly.

Historical Telegraph and Seebi Island

During the full day dhow cruise, you will be able to explore the Telegraph and Seebi Island. Both are amazing places for snorkeling and swimming.

Telegraph Island (also known as Jazirat al Maqlab) is situated in the Elphinstone Inlet, about a mile (1.6 km) off the shore of the Musandam Peninsula, which is part of the Sultanate of Oman. The name as “Telegraph” comes from the telegraph-cable repeater station built on the island in 1864.

It was the location of a British repeater station used to boost telegraphic messages along the Persian Gulf submarine cable, which was part of the London to Karachi telegraphic cable.

Overnight Cruising into Musandam Fjord

During Musandam Dhow cruise overnight trip, you will be provided night sleeping on decorated traditional (single or double-decker) marvelously comfortable carpets, cushions, and blankets. You will enjoy dhow cruising along the Khourshem fjords and observe greenish-blue water, white limestone cliffs, Seebi and Telegraph Islands. Dhow cruising itself is a great experience to have. While cruising will also explore small and calm fishing villages. There are possibilities that you will see beautiful dolphins along the way.

Things To Remember About Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise Overnight:

  • Timings for Musandam overnight dhow cruise is normally 10:00 am to 08:30 am next day or 05:30 pm to 04:30 pm next day. As it is a private tour so you can ask for different time schedule as well.
  • You will need to get Oman visit visa either by applying online or getting o the border by paying the visa fee.
  • Bring your original passport and ID card to get the visa from border otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter.
  • To get visit visa your passport must be valid for next at least six months and UAE visa must be valid for next 90 days.
  • You must have vehicle ownership (Malkia) and Oman insurance that can be also be obtained from the border.
  • If you are renting a car then you must get a NOC from renting company to cross the borders.
  • Check your visa type before booking any package because all visa types are not allowed to enter Oman.
  • There are no regular bus services from UAE to Khasab Musandam but private can be arranged on request.